Mixed Media
14 X 26 X 14"

Producing a son has traditionally been a significant event for a variety of reasons. One of those considerations is the belief that when we are in a conflict with another country we’ll have the “man-power” to defend ourselves. As our boys grow up we invite them to be “men” early on,” be aggressive”, “show your strength”, “ don’t back down”, “be a man”, etc, etc, etc., all suggesting that “when the time comes”, they’ll be prepared to “fight the fight”.

Plastic infant figure, heated and manipulated, glazed, various novelty items, lead, spent shells, glazed, metal bronze-colored baby shoes on metal base, glazed, photograph, manipulated and colored in metal & glass frame, glazed, plastic toy soldiers, painted & glazed, marbles, on ceramic gloved hands, painted, on lead disc with approximately 150 first names of male soldiers killed in the first three months of combat in Iraq, barbed wire, glazed, on MDF base, painted, with Plexiglas cover.