Mixed Media
12 X 12 X 23"

12 X 12 X 23”

Focusing on what I feel is a humanly painful and destructive state of how we choose to deal with international problems I have used the innocence and fragility of a violin as a symbol of how uncompassionate we continue to be.  The beauty of this musical instrument was used in a most horrific manner during the Holocaust.  As the shaved victims were marched into the showers to be gassed a small group of musicians would play near the entrance.  Did we learn from that war, or Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Africa, Central America, Middle East, China, etc, etc, etc?  In virtually every part of the world war is used as the method to resolve differences.  When will we consider the difficult issues as an international community so as to clearly recognize the cost to all humanity?

 violin, human hair from 55 individuals, cut, sifted, clumped, shaped, and glazed, sculpted clay, painted and glazed, barbed wire, glazed, plastic doll hands, ashes attached, glazed, various adhesives, on wood pedestal, painted, with Plexiglas case