mixed media

72 X 24 X 18”


Walking in you immediately feel the atmosphere; the rhythm of the music, the warm, humid mist in the air, the dim lights, muffled voices, an occasional ‘hoot’ to exclaim delight, and the visuals; men surrounding the stage looking eager yet restrained, silhouetted figures in the background milling around, and then, gracefully, out she comes onto the stage in her brief, but colorful outfit, acrylic high-heeled shoes, and clearly in control of the salivating men all along the perimeter of the stage. She sheds her outfit, but not her shoes, she prances, struts, exhibits her physical attributes and abilities, and as the performance winds down, the stage is showered with dollar bills generously provided by the now enthusiastic and stimulated admirers.

Plaster statuary base, manipulated, painted, and glazed, wire, embellished and glazed, acrylic shoe, manipulated, embellished and glazed with Xerox reduced currency, cast foot, manipulated, painted, glazed, metal anklet, novelty items, glazed, guitar, manipulated, Bondo, paint, ink, wire, rhinestones, glitter, and glaze, cast plaster mouth, painted and glazed, cast plastic novelty item, painted and glazed, fabric cord, glazed, ceramic figures, manipulated, painted, and glazed, colored paper punches, glazed, fabric, metal with Xerox reduced currency, glazed, copper nails, glazed, on fiberglas circular base, painted.