Mixed Media

I enjoy walking and looking.  Something I have become more sensitive to is how we behave when encountering someone who is homeless. We want to look and see, but when they look at us we quickly look away, not wanting to be caught staring at them. There is a certain curiosity we feel with the plight of these individuals.  “Street-people” sometimes perform for a handout, directly ask for a donation, and other times simply hold out a weathered hand or cup.  They are desperate, vulnerable, and exposed to an array of situations that challenge their survival.

Wood case, with sculpted Bondo interior, weathered lead, cut and stamped, tacked on to the backing, painted, glazed, and scratched, with metal drilling plate at top, glazed, tin doily, with novelty winking eye, copper wire glazed, with beads attached, aluminum toy forks glazed, novelty figures painted and glazed, painted and glazed glass bottle with miniature flowers, variety of candles, burned and glazed, rosary beads bordering top and bottom, with acupuncture plastic figure, painted, glazed, and drilled, with rusted #11Exacto blades and color-head pins, copper wire with patina, with novelty Cardinal head attached, beads strung on wire, various novelty items suspended, glazed, with Plexiglas face, on painted pedestal